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  1. Hi, I'm a new member currently living in Miami - soon to move to Costa Rica (San Isidro de El General Perez Zeledon region) . I've raised chickens before in NY state and I want to start a flock in C.R. Does anyone know of hatcheries where I can get a start ?

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    Hey there NewTico

    From my experience, the big volume hatcheries deal in two types of chickens only: ponedoras (layers) and broilers. the ponedoras seem to be a rhode island red cross that can be sexed at hatching. chicks for both of these types of chickens can be bought at feed stores.

    there are also a few other breeds that you will see in the countryside. most of what I see are naked necks (which they call panamenias), barred rocks (which they call quijenes), dutch bantams, and other assorted bantams (which they call jardineras). it's hard to find anyone here that has pure bred heritage breeds. most people just keep a single mixed flock.

    there are some breeders in cartago, Heredia, Alajuela and perez zeledon, but I don't know how pure their pure breeds really are.

    what types of chickens are you looking for? are you living down here yet?


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