Looking for turkey thsi springs hatch? in nepa

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    okay so to make a long story short we lost our pet royal palm to a freak accident tonight.(see I'm a turkey murder) for explaination. Any way I figured here would be the best place to start the search for a new turkey friend. I would like one from this years hatch or last years, so it's not too old but not too young, we are looking for a male cause frankly I really enjoyed hearing him gobble in the morning. We think we would like another royal palm, but would possibly take another color or breed as long as they do not look too much like a wild turkey, (no spanish, eastern, or bronze) Must be CALM and friendly cause we have a 5 year old that was use to petting and hand feeding the turkey, and a mom (me) who was use to caring it around like a spoiled lap dog. If anyone has a gobbler or jake they would be willing to part with for a small price, we would greatly appreciate you letting us know. We are not looking to spend $60 or $100 or such on one, Tom was a wopping $15 bucks at a livestock auction and even though Hubby wants his turkey back he is still a cheap a$$, but it does not have to as cheap as Tom was for the right bird.
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    Jan 23, 2008
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    We are going to be looking as well but will probably end up with poults or going to the auction. I dont know anyone who raises them.
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    I don't know about any royal palm owners around here, but I know that Jody and Charlie (hinkjc and wilds of pa) have wild eastern turkeys. They're very friendly and great to do business with. I have one jake from them and he's gorgeous and a great pet. [​IMG] We plan to buy him some lady friends this spring, but I may have to go domestic since the wilds require GC receipts and junk.

    Good luck!

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