Looking for used hovobator or little giant, have lot's of seeds to tra


11 Years
Oct 5, 2008
Pekin Indiana
Just got a little giant a little bit ago and have had eggs setting for about 5 days I made one previous hatch before this, 60% hatch. Problem is I've got about 2 dozen guinea eggs coming in shortly and I need to get another incubator and don't have much cash to spare (about $25). However I do have a ton of rare, unique, heirloom, and new garden seeds to trade. I can trade all seeds, or do some cash and seeds.

I am an independent plant breeder and produce farmer in Pekin Indiana and have a huge collection. Most of our stuff isn't available anywhere else and a lot of it I have bred myself. You can check out my blog site for more information if interested http://homegrowngoodness.blogspot.com

We've got all kinds of vegetable crops, just let me know what your in to and I'll get it out to you, if we don't have exactly what your looking for we can probably get close!

Thanks Everyone!

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