looking for vulturine guinea fowl, and black crested guinea fowl sale


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Sep 17, 2009
lakeland, florida 33805-7552
hi, iam looking for vulturine and black crested guinea fowl breeders, with these guineas for sale. iam also looking for rare breed chicken breeders. i am looking for nankin, catalana, brabantar, friesian, sulmater, marans, barnvelders, vorwerk, and other rare breed chickens. please email me if anyone has any rare breed chickens for sale please. these are for pets only. iam also looking for sizzles, any color. please email me back as soon as possible and let me know please. thank you very much, rennea burgess in lakeland, florida 33805.
Both are expensive, Vulturines run around $1000/pr, and the Crested are $1500/pr. I have a pair of Crested for sale right now actually. You may want to look at my website to read a little more about them. There are 4 species of Crested.
I would like to know where u get vulturines for 1000 pair, just paid 1600 pair, have not found them any where else for sale
Maybe I need to up my price then lol, but I sale them for $1000/pr. They should be worth more given that they are the most difficult Guinea Fowl to keep. I think I know who yours came from. He was also selling the hybrids. I would love to know if the hybrids actually do produce fertile eggs, but I was talking with a guy in Europe that says he tried it and they wont... but who knows. I am curious to see if your hybrids produce fertile eggs, or have they? The thing that causes me to doubt, is that even though Vulturines and Domesticated Helmeted are both species of Guinea Fowl, they are two separate species. They are of the same family, but a different Genus, and usually two birds of a different Genus that are crossed produce sterile offspring. A good example is a chicken and a guinea, which I have personally hatched by freak chance and later tried to breed them. Every egg came up infertile. I have 5 species of Exotic Guinea Fowl, which are all that are in captivity: Vulturine, Kenya, Zambezi, and Verreauxi Crested, and Reichenow's Helmeted.

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