Looking for ways you made your hen house creative and unusual


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Sep 24, 2009
Southern NH

We hang up seasonal wreaths, in the winter we string lights, and we even have a few framed pictures inside our hen house (one of which is a chicken poem). Half the fun of keeping chickens is also having a healthy sense of humor.

I'm working on a magazine article about the ways people have made their hen houses creative, entertaining, and fun.

I'm interested in hearing stories and seeing photos of what unique modifications you've made to your hen house and why.

Thanks in advance for all information.

Wendy Thomas


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Feb 7, 2009
Tucson, AZ
Hrm... I put a tin of Poultry Seasoning in the coop to motivate them to lay eggs. However, I think they've called my bluff (we're vegetarians).

A lot of the coops here have cute signs hung on them with silly names (For example, LareePQG has a purple coop named The Eggplant).

At least one person put x-mas lights on the coop.

Good luck with your article!

Now I'm curious, what does the chicken poem say?
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