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    Nov 4, 2013
    Hi I'm new here just joined because I've been in search for a bearded white silkie hen. I became obsessed with it when a friend told me about them because she owned one.I feel in love with how cute they are! I can't find one in my area for the life of me I was hoping someone could help? I am looking for a started bird or hen in my area which is San Diego. Willing to drive as far as an hour for it if anyone could direct me to anyone who has one available? I may also be interested in splash as well. Thanks so much!
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    I would definitely get two...no one understands a silkie like a silkie!

    They sometimes like to sleep on the floor and don't fly...also can have trouble with ramps. Don't let them be bullied since they can have an open skull like a baby and are prone to neurological injuries.

    Enjoy your silkie when you find her! They are very sweet and tame up nicely with treats.
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    Jan 17, 2013
    If you don't mind getting a baby I think Amber Waves has some white silkie babies coming up.. they ship too. They are a bit expensive but I would give them a call because you can't always rely on their Internet site for what they have available or coming up.i just ordered a 3 month old buff female from them and when I spoke with them they said they had WHITE babies coming up. They also have DNA sexing avaible. I would order at least two because I don't believe as small babies they can ship only one. . their stock is very very nice quality with big large crests and they confirm with the silkie standard of perfection. They also are a NPIP flock. ( national poultry improvement plan) meaning they are tested for certain diseases. You can check out their web site but I would give Jim a call. He can tell you when the whites will be avaible. Also if you don't want to dna sex they have a hen guarentee you can purchase and if the bird becomes a roo and you purchased the hen guarentee they will replace the bird at no charge for the bird. So defiently give jim a call and he can help you with your white silkie. He told me the whites are soon hatching. Just look up Amber Waves silkies and you can get the numbers off the web site. There will be two numbers. CALL BOTH because one is jims number and he always answers. The other number they don't seem to answer much its a voice mail. Hope this helps. Like I said they are a bit pricey but not bad for babies and very nice quality. Their birds go very fast so I would call soon and ask about upcoming white babies. You won't regret purchasing from them because their stock is very high quality. Best wishes and do call jim soon. Hope this helps.

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