Looking in NH for chicken people


10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
Southern NH
Let me know your here!!!!
Welcome to BYC. So glad you found us.

Look further in this section and I'll bet you can find a NH thread.

BTW... go vote!

(for Mitt) :0)
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Howdy neighbor,

There is a chat/swap thread for NH here. Most states have one to inform about local shows/swaps. You'll no doubt find very local to you chicken people there.

Search "New Hampshire Swap Thread"
Hi Castle queen and freinds, this is new to me on the puter so if I am not doing it right tell me. I live in Hillsboro NH and I raise orpingtons, and getting back into cochins and brahmas this year. Would like to hear from someone out there around where I live.....Ruth

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