Looking into Toulouse Geese, need advice

Discussion in 'Geese' started by neigy, Mar 31, 2016.

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    Mar 31, 2016
    I have property that borders a 50' wide river for a few hundred feet. There is an inlet where the current is not that swift. I want to raise geese for eggs and to enjoy their company but have a few questions. I live in a 5a climate. So the winters are cold and snowy.

    1.) Do the female geese just start laying eggs like hens do? Or do they need a male around? The below information is what I've learned so far. Feel free to expound upon it and clarify anything.
    The ratio of males to females should be 1 male to 5-6 females. Too many males promotes overly aggressive, competitive males which results in injured, nonlaying females. If you see females with the back of their head scabby or bloody, you have too many males. Remember, you do not need males for the females to produce eggs, you only need males for the females to produce fertile eggs.

    2.) As far as their food and water goes what can I do? Do I have to provide water even though they have access to the inlet/river?

    3.) Are there potential problems with that body of water I would need to address?

    4.) I'm thinking for their shelter one of those large cube shaped metal caged water tanks. Cut a hole and make a lid so I can change out the bedding. Would this be enough?

    5.) How do we get them to imprint on us so they don't float away down the river and never return?

    6.) Anything else I'm not considering?

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