Looking to buy chicken eggs to hatch and also adult chicken ( also quail and baby bunnies -mini lop

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  1. Eva76

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    Mar 29, 2016
    Hello, we just moved to Menifee from OC, have an half an acre property and very eager 8 and 10 year olds.

    We would love to meet other quail and chicken rancher families :)

    We are looking to buy chicken and quail eggs to hatch and also mature quail and chickens that are good layers.

    Some will be kids`s pets, so i think there are good with kids? ----Cochins, Orphingtons; Easter eggers; Red or black links, plymouth rocks, Bantams. Which kid of quail would you recomend? Also birds that are not loud or flyers,lol!

    I would appreciate your advice also on incubators and pens.

    Big thanks, Eva.

    P;S-we are gonna go to Big Bear for Christmas so if anyone in the San Bernardino area please let me know as well.
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    Hello and welcome to Murrieta, I reside in Moreno Valley and can sell some fertile eggs $5 a dozen or if you want to eat some for $2.50 a dozen. Also for incubators if you want to do it DIY kinda style you can always buy the parts and equipment individually and assemble it yourself for way cheaper than a cheapy kind.

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