looking to buy egyptian fayoumis & turkey hatching eggs reasonable


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Apr 20, 2009
andalusia alabama
i am looking to buy egyptian fayoumis at a resonable price. please let me know how many you have and how much they are shipping included. thanks
i dont know how to figure out the shipping on the usps website.
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Jun 27, 2008
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Hello there, I dont have any turkey eggs but I have egyptians, Cuckoo marans, buttercups, OEGB, and Rouen and blue swedish ducks and standard cochins, I could do a mixed dozen for you for $8 a dozen plus actual shipping.


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Apr 13, 2008
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Hi we sell Bronze turkey eggs and also royal palm turkey eggs. If you are interested in coming to pick up poults, we have those available here at the farm as well. These are raised on a chemical free farm and given great feed, grains and veggies from the garden.

Here's our RP tom

And our bronze tom

Please pm me if you are interested or have more questions. Many thanks and have a blessed day.
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May 12, 2008
I am repsonding to one who was looking for the Egyptian Fayoumis. I have 3. Two Roosters and one hen. We ordered then for show. I definitely would tell someone that they are not a relaxed bird. They are S P A Z. The boys started crowing at about 5 weeks. They do not like to be held. I have about 25 chickens right now and any chicken I can't catch, I don't want. I plan to sell those. They were hatched May 1st. We got four sent to us but one got away from us and we tried to catch it and it ran straight into the arms of a stray cat living under our barn. He no longer exists and neither did the bird. I knew it was a gonner within 1 minute. A few minutes after that I saw the stray run off from out of the barn. I was sad.

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