Looking to buy farm...N Ga, Tn, Western SC or NC, Ky, WV......

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  1. tropical chicken

    tropical chicken In the Brooder

    Jan 22, 2007
    St. Petersburg, Fl
    Hi all,
    We are thoroughly SICK of the city life and are looking to buy a farm w/ house and barn and 20 or more acres. House needs to be in good condition, around 2000 sqft. Would prefer something not far from a big city (less than an hours drive), so DH can still work.
    Totally sick of Insurance runarounds, high taxes, congested traffic, neighbors within spitting distance, and, of course, hurricanes!
    Please email me at my Yahoo account if you know of anything, K?
    [​IMG] Thanks! [​IMG]

    [email protected]
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  2. BeckyLa

    BeckyLa Songster

    Jan 11, 2007
    N. Louisiana
    I totally understand. We left Fl for N. Louisiana for many of the same reasons. Like Ivan. Yup, I can relate. Can't help you in your quest, though. Sorry. Good luck on your move!

  3. eggchel

    eggchel Crowing

    Dec 26, 2006
    Both Coasts
    And dont forget, you need a really big chicken coop, and fruit trees, and shade trees, and a good well, and a pond for the ducks n geese, and a guest house, and access to high speed internet........ oh wait, thats my wish list, LOL.

    Try searching here, too:

  4. DitzzyChic

    DitzzyChic In the Brooder

    Jan 11, 2007
    Any idea what price range you are looking for? I'm in the WV area & could do some lookups since I can find most of the zip codes easily to do lookups. Also, what are you looking for as 1-2 story, basement, etc? Most homes in WV do have basements. Hard to find one without one. I live in the country but am 20-30 minutes away from most bussinesses. Also, helps to know what type jobs you'd be looking for as area also. Would be more than glad to look up property in the WV & VA areas.

    Here's a website with a dropdown box on the left to search up by state. In the WV area it list an old farmhouse & it's large. But, it's only 1/2 acre tho.

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  5. adkins90

    adkins90 Truly Obsessed...

    Jan 30, 2007
    Huntington, WV
    I also live in WV, bordering Ohio and Kentucky. You can try the WV Market Bulletin...they usually always have farms for sale all over the state.

    Here's the link

    If you let us know what part of WV and KY, I will keep my eyes open in the local papers.

    Good luck in your search,
  6. bigredrooster

    bigredrooster In the Brooder

    Jan 16, 2007
    N.E Ga.
    There is a place down the road from me.It is in North east Ga. in Hart county.If you email me at [email protected] I can find out more about it.Thanks Lee
  7. tropical chicken

    tropical chicken In the Brooder

    Jan 22, 2007
    St. Petersburg, Fl
    Thanks everyone! Ditzzy, we need at the very least 10 acres, more like 20...we already have 1/2 acre here in the city...[​IMG]
    One story with basement is good. DH likes block homes, not frame. Perimeter fencing would be good, too.
    We are looking for someone who is a bit desperate and NEEDS to sell, lol, as we can only spend $250,000, tops. And would like to spend a WHOLE lot less than that.
    Oh, and DH is a master plumber, but he can also do Hospital maintenance or something in that field.
    We have 3 properties we need to sell here too, and the market is slowing down.......sigh.....
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  8. ChrisnTiff

    ChrisnTiff In the Brooder

    Jan 11, 2007
    Crane, Missouri
    You are going to have a hard time finding something with 20 acres less than an hour from a big city. 250,00 or less forget it! We are in the same boat as you are so we feel your pain. I guess it all depends on how big a city you need to live near. We have had some luck looking in Mo. but not within an hour of St. louis or Kc maybe within an hour of Springfield which is a mid sized town. Good luck,

  9. Henriettahen

    Henriettahen Songster

    Jan 11, 2007
    places there are expensive eh?? here were I live you can get a 50 acre farm with 30 acres of hay..biggg barn..nice 4 bdrm house..and a guest house..tons of stalls and pastures..ect for only 300k. But of course I am still stuck in the city:mad:
  10. BeckyLa

    BeckyLa Songster

    Jan 11, 2007
    N. Louisiana
    You might check out www.realtor.com for the areas you're looking to buy.'

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