Looking to buy fertile eggs, chicks or hens in CT..

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    I'm in Stratford CT, Fairfield county, and I'm having a hard time finding somewhere to buy fertile eggs, or chicks anywhere besides Benedicts. I'd like to find a young Orpington pullet or chicks or even fertile eggs I can hatch myself, if possible. If you can recommend somewhere within an hour of here I'd appreciate it. I went to Easton for the open farm day on Saturday and no-one was selling.

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    Here is a link to the CT thread. You might have better luck finding an answer there.

    Fertile eggs are easy to find here on BYC. Look in the buy, sell or trade section. The crazy 24 hour auction is usually a fantastic place to find amazing deals on eggs..... lately not so much, it's been a long hot summer and most of us have put our incubators away for a bit.

    You could always post in the want to buy area too. Someone should have some eggs for you.

    Best of Luck!! I hope you find what you are looking for.
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