Looking to Change Ordinances in Center Township, PA 15001


8 Years
Jul 8, 2011
I live in Center Township PA and was informed that I am not allowed to have laying hens at all. I'd like to know what should be some first steps I need to take to [possibly] change these ordinances so I may have 3-5 laying hens.

Here are some details:

-In Center Twp chickens are considered Farm Animals.
-In order to keep Farm Animals I would need 5+ acres of land to qualify as a Hobby Farm. (I have 3/4 an acre)

I've already composed and sent an email to an Associate Planner, I asked if I may apply for a permit or zoning variance so I may have 3 hens, no roosters. I haven't gotten a response yet.

I also wanted to see if there were any local Beaver County people on this forum to share advice or would like to help me in the matter.

I've already printed out and reviewed 200+ pages of the local Ordinances and haven't found any loop holes or exceptions. Ironically, I'm allowed to keep a Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig, but not chickens. (seriously) So any advice you can give me would be great!

Thank you!

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