Looking to rehome 2 girls. This isn't easy

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    Oct 16, 2013
    Let me start off by introducing the situation. About a year ago I had a handfull of chickens that i raised. When I moved from my home to a more chicken-restricted area, I could only take 2 girls and so that is what I did (the rest I left to my at the moment neighbor or to someone I knew in Homestead). Fast forward a few weeks and one was attacked and killed by a predator. It was at night when my poor girl was attacked. I found her body mangled with her whole body eaten and feathers flying everywhere! I was very heartbroken and so was my other girl. I eventually was able to trap a raccoon and a cat and removed them from the area. Still, I felt that my girl (I call her Loca) needed a friend. She would always be alone under her little preferred hiding bush/tree and always run towards me with such joy and follow me around the yard whenever she got the chance, but the thing is that I tend to work afternoon and nights so I wasn't able to spend much time with her. I eventually got 2 other girls and they didnt exactly all hit it off at first. However after a few they all became buds and eat,bath, and forage together. My smallest girl(Named Darling) got into the habit of sleeping indoors in a little nesting box I made for her, while my two other ones (Loca and the taller young one named Peeps) seem to not like sleeping in the coop Ive created for them. Like I said, I work night shifts so by the time I get home, its already around 11 P.M and I'll usually find them sleeping in a very high tree where I cannot reach them. When Peeps was younger, I would grab her when she slept on a low branch and place her into the coop for the night. After time passed she began following the lead of Loca and recently they've been sleeping in my neighbors tree. One morning, I was doing my usual routine and heard a commotion from them 2 houses away. I then saw a cat under the tree they were sleeping in and got so worried! I always have my trap set up outside and with that sighting, I decided to add bait yet again. After a few weeks (today), I noticed that only Peeps was by the door waiting for food. I placed Darling on the floor and waited and searched about an hour for Loca. Now when I tell you that her name is what it is for a reason, I am being so serious. She is the most dominant of the 3 and very very talkative. She still always runs to me when she sees me and would never let me hear the end of it (which i love). She enjoys digging close to me and often kicks dirt AT me . And either way, it was starnge because Peeps was always by Loca's side. Im still here waiting for a miracle to hear her clucking my way but sadly I havent had that stroke of luck... nor do I see any feathers or signs of an attack (at least not nearby).

    Quick memo: I have knwon this area for about 18 years, the only predators around here that I suspect could do harm to my girl if they got the chnce would be cats, raccoons, and opossums.

    Although I have been though this countless times at my previous home, I find this situation even more difficult. When I lost my first girl (her name was Snowflake), I was distraught. She was one of my very first chickens and such a sweety. I considered rehoming Loca but couldn't find anyone suitable. With no sign of Loca, I can already see that my girls arent as close. Peeps is off running around my neighbors yard while my Darling is scratching nearby me calmly. I live in the Florida-Broward area and am looking for a nice, loving chicken-friendly home for my two girls. :( Althought I do love them to pieces and want to continue having them in my life, I think it would be in their best interest if they had the opportunity to live somewhere with other hens and roosters if so.

    Both of my chickens are relatively small in size.

    My Darling is a geougous little Bantam. She is yellow goldish and just the sweetest. She enjoys sleeping indoors and is very relaxed. She eats out of my hands for snacks every time I see her/offer her some. I usually see her off on her own doing her own little thing either looking for food or resting under a shady spot. She always lays her daily little egg inside of the box I have indoors for her. She has the cutest little sounds and just a sweetheart!

    Peeps is a strange little thing. Shes not as friendly as my Darling but she manages. She enjoys running around radnomly and flapping her wings. She often chases pigeons and my dog. She is a pleasure and joy to watch for this reason. One time my girls were foraging calmly when this (i think) Mesophoyx came flying down from nowehere near her and scared the daylights out of her. She went running soo fast and as soon as she realized it was just a harmless bird, she turned tail and began chasing it out of our yard. She spent like the next two minutes running around flapping her wings chasing every pigeon in sight. She wont let me pet her or really touch her but she does recognize me whenever she sees me. She loves mealworm treats and running! She is a hoot and a half to have and is still has a little bit of growing to do (still has not layed her first egg). Its funny, she was about the size of my two girls when I got her, and now her legs are so long, she towers over her sisters!!

    I would love to keep them together so they could be a bit more comfortable with their possible move. I would prefer someone wih experience with handling chickens and that can protect them and care for them lovingly. Especially since my Darling is very layed back and calm, she needs the extra eye to be on the lookout for her. She doesnt even flinch at my dog comming near her. If anyone can please help and become the new mom/dad of my two baby girls I would greatly appriciate it. I would like to get the chance to know you first and see how your flock is doing before handing over my precious angels if you do not mind by the way.
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    Oct 16, 2013
    IMPORTANT: athough I did mention that they lay eggs, i do not want someone to want them just for that purpose!! Not for meat or egg-laying purposes!!!! Family pets!! They are my baby girls and I want someone who wants to add two more angels into their flock/family. Also Id prefer if they did not live their lives out in a small coop.
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    I would love to have them but unfortunately I live in England! I'm sure someone will take them for you.
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    Hi, I can offer a home to your girls. I live in Homestead, FL on a 3-acre farm. I have a smaller enclosed yard for my bantams, and my bigger hens are free range with 4 roosters to look after them. I take very good care of my "gurls" and they will be safe with me and have good company as well. Let me know if this can help you out.
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    Where are you located?

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