Looking to trade in SW ONTARIO!


9 Years
Jul 17, 2010
Hi, everyone!
I have a tiny backyard flock in Windsor, ON, and I'm looking to get a little diversity. I have 1 Polish and 2 White Leghorns (1 yr old, laying extra large eggs everyday). One WL has some frostbite damage to her comb from a previous owner, but she's very sweet - I'm keeping her as a pet. The other WL is physically perfect, more assertive and self-suffient (read:aloof, lol!), and I'd like to trade her for another hen around the same age, but of a different breed. Trade must be friendly and a 'people-bird', since we often have visitors with kids, and must be a good layer like the Leghorn. Bonus points for harder-to-find breeds (I'll pay the difference if it's a rare bird). I've been trying to find purebred Ameraucana, Orpington, etc, but no luck!
What have you got?


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