LOOKING TO TRADE -- splash frizzle bant cochin pair for MFC's! NPIP!

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    Mar 5, 2010
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    NPIP needed for a trade!
    Sorry if you aren't NPIP I can not trade, but if you are interested I can sell the pair no problem.

    My pair is a breeder quality, most likely even show quality, pure bred splash frizzle bantam cochin pair (9mos old) that I would love to trade for mille fleur bantam cochins, I need a mille fleur bantam cochin rooster for sure. But would like a pair for the pair, looking for one around 3-4 months old if possible. Deal is, You pay for shipping of your birds to come to me, and I will pay for shipping of mine to go to you, easy peasy.

    the roo is splash frizzle and laying pullet is splash, and nice and round with smooth feathers-- she has laid well (daily!) this fall. They are perfect, and I am torn about selling or trading them, but i just dont have room with my lemon blue project being my main focus -- and milles being secondary.

    if you are interested in simply purchasing the splash pair they are 45$ + actual shipping costs and 10$ new box fee.

    or we can just trade roosters, or I can sell the rooster for 15$ + actual shipping costs and 10$ new box fee.... the options are endless!

    I can not buy any mille fleur bantam cochins unless the splash are gone because I would be using the same pen and I will not have room unless the splash go first (or are traded).

    please forward any questions to [email protected]

    I can also send you photos too if you like, and believe me when I say that they are gorgeous.


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