Looks like a blister


10 Years
Jan 27, 2009
Crestview, Fl
I've noticed all summer that some of my girls have developed what looks like a big blister on thier feet. Sometimes it's on the bottom and gets so big it makes them limp. Sometimes it's on the top like between two toes. We have a big red ant problem in florida so I was wondering if that's what it was.
I lanced a few of them and it acted just like a blister but some of them had what looked like a hard ball of fat inside and it came right out. I cleaned it and put some wouned care on it and they were fine. If I could not get it out then the best I could hope for was to take some of the pressure out so they could walk easier. Has anyone seen this before? Do you think it's red ants?
OMG!!!! That is exactly what it lookes like. I guess I did the right thing. But I need to clean it better and wrap it.
Thanks so much Punkin. This was a big help.

Hey, is there anything we can do to prevent Bumblefoot???
I'm really not sure. I've heard several different things about what causes it.

My best understanding is that they can get a tiny break in the skin that gets infected because of where it is where what they walk around in. I've also read that it happens more to heavier birds. Maybe just frequent foot checks?
Not if your girls free-range. It's a result of getting cuts on the bottom of their feet (microscopic and larger) from anything, like a sharp rock. This combined with bacteria from stepping in poop and the like creates an infection. So, unless they're constantly contained in an immaculate run, I'd say there's no way to totally prevent it.

How often does this happen to the free range birds? - -if you have 10 birds - how many per year , on adverage, will get it?
Is their meat safe to eat?
Are their eggs safe to eat?
Other than cleaning should I be doing anything like weekly foot cleanings?
Looks painful - want to best take care of my babies.
Advice is wecolmed.
Thank you very much - in advance!!!!!

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