looks like blood in poop

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    I have 2 seperate flocks of chickens. 1 is 1.5 yrs old and the new flock that is kept in a seperate place is 3.5 months. The problem is with the 3.5 month olds. I went out to feed today and noticed what looked like red mucous in their poop. It wasnt bright red. I accidently fed them some cracked corn that had mold in it a few days ago and wonder if that would cause it. They seem just fine. Please HELP, I dont want to lose my babies!!
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    Red poo is not good. This is called (my spelling might not be great) Coccidiosis, and it's often caused by wet, hot humid weather, and it thrives in dirt. Mostly, adult chickens are immune. BUT chicks get it and it can be deadly. So you need a Coccidiostat, not an antibiotic because these are actually little organizms.......

    Sooooo, go to TSC, and ask for a coccidiostat, and get it to them IMMEDIATELY! This cocci can kill very quickly! I just had a bout with it myself and I was lucky to catch it super early.....The stuff I bought is called CORID, and it was for cows, but you put a tbsp per gallon in their drinking water, and get a packet of vitamins/electrolites to put in the water as well.

    Good luck!

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    The good news is that it responds quickly to treatment. Corid is the stuff you want, it may be a little expensive but it will last you a while.

    My chicks had so much blood in their poo that it looked like something had been cut. The chick was sitting on a towel and it was quite a shock to see that much blood. But within 49 hours it was all gone.

    Treat all the youngsters. It is a 5 day treatment. Change the water everyday with new meds in it. And start ASAP. It can kill them if not treated.

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