Looks like I'll have to cull my remaining roo

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    Feb 10, 2012
    LaSalle Ontario Canada
    I've had feather picking issues this winter, likely due to space issues (first winter with chickens, learned a lot). So I've been letting my chickens free range for a few hours a day, with supervision. Yesterday and today my roo attacked me while we were outside. Today he did it also while I was putting the chickens back into their run. I'd tossed in some treats but, one treat got stuck on the door as I was closing the door. I bent over to pick up the treat and he flung at me. I'd just given him a decent kick about 20min earlier that stopped him flogging me (after 2 or 3 lesser kicks)

    A couple of days ago I followed some the chickens into their coop to check for eggs. The roo was in there and he flew at me then also. That time I managed to put my foot on him and hold him down until he calmed. He then walked calmly away from me. BUT, my 9yr old son saw this happen. Today he saw the roo go after me again. My poor boy was bit by the other roo we had and culled at 19weeks (because he bit my son) Now he is afraid of this roo too.

    He was a good roo up until I started letting them free range! He had one time pecked at me but, I was picking a hen off the roos and she happened to be right beside him. When she squawked he pecked at my had that was about 6" from his beak. He would not have gotten me if I had been further away.

    I'm so sad I have to cull him. I was hoping to be able to keep a roo around for flock protection since I wanted to free range them more this summer.
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    Apr 10, 2012
    that's to bad but you can't risk getting hurt. I hope my roosters don't start flogging before I hatch all the eggs I want to hatch.
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    Oct 28, 2011
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    that's really unfortunate. just for curiosity, what breed is it? i understand breed isn't the whole thing. i've only had one rooster so far. he's a giant of a bird. he's a black australorp. he's a yr old. so far so good. my little flock free range during the day. he's a very good guardian but hasn't offered to attack me (knock on wood). he's been invaluable for protection. i can't imagine not having a rooster.
    that being said, i wouldn't have one that did that either. good luck with your next boy. may he be a good one.
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    Feb 10, 2012
    LaSalle Ontario Canada
    A hatchery BR.

    I'm going to look at getting a few more chickens next year and maybe I'll get a roo from that lol.

    This time I'm not going to get from a hatchery though.

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