Looks like it is Bumblefoot --- Treatment ?

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    OK, after observing my 8month old Easter Egger more closely (she is limping on her left foot), I can see a little black spot (scab?) and the pad is definitely warmer than the other foot which is an indication that there is an infection going on, right?
    So after reading here and on other sides, I am going to get her later and soak her foot in warm water and try to get the scab off and see if there is "stuff" coming out. After that do I have to put something on the wound or do I just leave it???? And how long do I wait till I get the knife and do more invasive surgery ? Do I have to give her Antibiotics?
    I know all this stuff has been probably asked before but could I get please step by step instructions again ?
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    Here is how I treated 2 cases of bumblefoot.

    1. Wrap your hen up in a towel to make her calm.

    2. Soak the foot it warm water with epsom salt

    3. wait until the scab gets loose enough to remove

    4. dig in the hole the scab has left and see if you can get the cheesy, gunky stuff out

    5. pack the hole with triple antibiotic such as neosporin (without pain relief)

    6. Wrap the foot with cloth or something to keep the wound clean

    -Bumblefoot is a type of staph infection so keep her away from other chickens until the wound has completly healed
    -She probably got it from a nail or something sharp laying around so make sure you fix that so it won't happen again.

    During both of the treatments, the chickens were both very calm, and they didn't seem to be in much pain. Good luck and keep us updated!

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