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    [​IMG] Frosty, my 3 1/2 month old Dk Brahma has been down for about a week now. She doesn't seem sick - eyes are clear, no coughing or wheezing, but she may have been injured by the other birds during the night. I found her one morning all hunched down, she could stand but she was hobbling/wobbling when I went to pick her up. Eventually she just let me, which is not normal for her. I put her in an isolation cage, but kept her with the others so she wouldn't be stressed further. At first she would stand up a little, but seemed to be more on one leg than the other. I checked her out, picked her up and felt all over, but nothing seemed to distress her more than she already was. She still eats pretty well, and drinks, but I have to put it under her so she can get to it easily. She seems alert, but she seems to lose more mobility as each day passes and I'm really thinking she isn't going to get better. She has been eating hard boiled egg (her absolute favorite), fruit, veggies as well as regular feed, but it doesn't seem to help. We've also added vitamins to her water, and apple cider vinegar. She seems to grow weaker by the day. None of the others seem abnormal at all, which is why I kept her with them. I don't know if she hurt herself during the night, or if the big Brahma rooster tried to mate with her and injured her back or if she maybe flew into something in the coop. It's a complete mystery. She was fine one night, and not the next morning. She is a favorite and I hate to end her life, but it doesn't seem she has much quality of life now and hasn't for about a week now. Ending it seems more humane to me but it's tough. DH and I decided if she isn't better by the weekend, well, he'll do what he needs to do. And I'll just be bummed, she's a beautiful bird and I've grown quite fond of her. I just want to scream :eek: ! This is the first trouble I've had with any of them, and this is heartbreaking! Thanks for listening. I know there are many of you who understand...
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    Dang...It's a hard decision...sometimes they let you know when it's their time...
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    I'm so sorry!!!!!

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