Looks like it's MG.

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    Nov 16, 2007
    Southern Indiana
    After a couple of months of trying to find out what's wrong with my chickens, it looks like I might have an answer. My vet (who takes care of birds but knows nothing of the epidemiology) finally got hold of the state vet. She was going to try to send off samples so we could finally get an answer. After talking to the state guy, he said that Coryza was almost unheard of here, and that it was extremely likely that it's MG. He said that they've been seeing a lot of it around the state. He prescribed an extended course of Tylan- 2 months on, and another month AFTER the symptoms disappear. So i've been doing the right thing, I just didn't so it for long enough. He also advised vaccinating any new birds, and NOT culling the flock. It apparently wouldn't do any good, since it's SO prevalent, and any replacement birds would probably come down with it as well. So yeah, MG is pretty much everywhere. Vaccinate! Anyone in the area want to go in on a bottle of vaccine? It's a thousand doses. lol.
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    Sep 12, 2008
    I've been reading through a bunch of the posts from today and yesterday and I'm trying to keep this all straight in my head. If I've got this right, your chickens have what sounds like colds; sneezy, swollen eyes, coughing??

    I am just noticing this in my flock and I'm trying to decide what to do about it. Even if I were to cull my flock it seems that new birds would likely pick it up as well. Could you be really specific about what treatment(s) you are giving your birds (with the long-extended, full medicine names)??? I know that that's a pain, but I want to be sure I know what I'm asking for, or ordering online.

    I would greatly appreciate your help! [​IMG]
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    Nov 16, 2007
    Southern Indiana
    Snotty noses
    Bubbly eyes
    Swolled faces
    Rattling breath
    Older hens stopped laying
    Some deaths among chicks

    There was no nasty smell as with coryza. They'd look like they were doing better, then relapse after a couple of weeks. The big girls seem fine now, but I'm still fighting it with the babies. My lone serama chick is staying quarantined inside until I can vaccinate her in spring. What the state vet advised was Tylosin. You can find it as Tylan 50. First State Vet and Jeffers Livestock as well as Poultryman Supply have the jars of water soluble. They also have directions for poultry. You can also get Tylan as an injectable, which can also be given orally, though its not quite as effective and it tastes AWFUL.
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    The one thing with vaccinating your birds (please do, but..) if you do not have these conditions prevalent in your area or your flock, you will be introducing some things that you may not want.
    Please let your vet know that Maine is also having these intolerable issues...but, how can you avoid them? Vaccinate, treat and yet if another bird, wild ones, pick it up, become carriers, then they have changed the disease and passed it on through their territory, creating a new condition. Ugh.
    The only way to create a Bio Secure area, and this is what we have got to do, protect our birds from the wilds, and the tame, just keep that area that you keep your birds in free from kids, cats, dogs and elephants if they live in your yard- ha ha
    Feel free to demand testing to incoming birds, its nuts, but it will prevent new birds from contracting, and old birds from becoming ill too.
    Please feel free to pass on anything I have written, dunno if its worth much, but its so important that we better our flocks and the future birds.
    Glad you know what you have, can treat and ignorance is bliss!
    Take care and good luck!

    PS- coughing, clear liquid from nasal passages, dumpy but will continue eating and active isn't always MG. It can be MS, CRD, etc.
    Follow my link and read about the Maine side of things, I did find a hatchery in Maine that can say they have never had any reports of illness in their birds. So hmmmm!
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    Nov 20, 2008
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    I believe the MG is what my birds have. This is the one bacteria that people have now. Matter of fact (!!!!!! UGH), it can be passed through the egg and all that stuff. I'm glad you understand and have a link to respratory diseases! People need to be aware.
    Good luck, many well wishes and feeding the birds a higher protein and fat will assist in energy to fight off disease and also keep warm if your in a cooler climate.
    I am stealing some of the things from the last post I had made here and add it to my repritory page.
    Keep up the great job you have!!!!
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    Feb 24, 2008
    Carrollton, GA
    Badhbh, I'm so glad you finally found the problem. I know it's been a toughy.
    I was just reading about MG, I think on the Marans yahoo group. Apparently, NPIP doesn't test for it, but there seems to be a group pushing for it to be included. It must be a really widespread issue.
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    Jun 22, 2008
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    Quote:Please feel free to go to the link below where the Maine State Vet was unaware of its spread and how many hatcheries are not clean from these diseases. After you have it, the ones coming in need to be vaccinated against it, but then they are contagious and really should do the all in, all out method.
    Please write YOUR State Vet with these concerns. Feel free to use my letter or as questions to send to your states veterinarian!

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