looks like respiratory distress? any ideas how to help?


Dec 3, 2021
hey there, 2 week old chick, opening and closing mouth and making clicking noises? noticed it started yesterday... dog came around and barked and scared bejeezus out of them so wondering if its distress or something respiratory going on? any ideas what I can do? trying to upload a video but it's not letting me.

also - the woman that we bought them from has a special dirt/litter she sold us for the bottom of the brooder cage but I am noticing it's pretty wet around where their water is, and no matter how much I remove of it, it gets wet all over again the minute I put the water back in and they splash it around.

thank you!

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For video, upload to youtube or similar platform, then provide us a link.

Photos of the brooder, the chicks, their poop, water station, the dirt/litter may be helpful too.

What are you feeding?

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