Looky what came up out of the woods today (3 pics)


13 Years
Jan 23, 2007
N.E. Louisiana
Getting to be that time of the year. I didn't see him till it was around the fig trees. Of course every animal had to come check it out.
Thank goodness the dogs were inside at the time.
It's about a 3 to 4 ft. long water moccasin, they are very beautiful snakes.
I got all of my chickens to the other side of the yard,with some treats..... my polish roo had to come check it out.


I poured some water on him,figured he was thirsty

heading to the bayou,with Taz & K-puss looking on

Thanks for looking
You always have the strangest things show up in your yard!
And aren't those things super deadly??

yeah Carrie they are poisonous... you're right all kind of creatures come thru here...
I think it's cool really.​
Wow! That snake is so beautiful. I really want to thank you for not killing it, we need more people like you on this planet. Wow, Its just amazing. The only snakes I've seen here are Gophers and Garters!
Ohhhhhhhh my!!
I would have run away screaming like a little girl...waite, I am a girl...but I would have still run away screaming. I can handle seeing the small ribbon snakes we get here...but THAT would freak me out!
I respect your calmness about it. I would have found it fascinating but I would have been too afraid to get near it. I like snakes well enough, but preffer them from a distance. Thank you for the picture, it was neat to see.

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