Looky what has been visiting my turkey pens


13 Years
May 4, 2008
Southern Illinois
This wild hen has visited the backyard and our turkey pens the past two days. She started dusting a bit ago but stopped before I could get a good picture.

She is going into the grownup field next to the yard. I am suspecting that she probably lost an early nest and is now either brooding a nest of eggs or has started laying another nest in the field. She might be the same hen who hatched a brood of poults in the field last year.

i get wild turkeys up visiting mine all the time... here is a pic of the wild gobbler that stayed with mine over the winter....

what part of illinois you from??? i live north of greenville...
We always have the wild turkeys around from about fall through the winter then they leave in the spring and summer and we dont see them much for a while. They've been here since we bought our house about 7 years ago. There was about 55 out in the back one time. Holy cow!Thats a lot of turkeys! I have pictures just can't find them now!
I am between Cobden and Anna south of Carbondale. I have been through Greenville many times when traveling to and from my daughters who lives in Metamora just outside Peoria but is now in England for 3 years.

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