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    Question about that! I had eggs shipped to me and all of them arrived in great condition-- no cracks, etc. However, half of them ended up having loose air sacs. I set them with the large end up in my Brinsea and am crossing my fingers. I'm trying NOT to handle them (candle) since I know that is kind of a big deal and I don't want to move them any more than I have to. (other than being rocked in the incubator) I've never dealt with loose air sacs before (1st time having shipped eggs) So what should I expect? Do these eggs ever develop or hatch?? Thoughts on them??? They are on Day 4, I haven't looked at them.
  2. Hawkeye95

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    ANYone??? :)
  3. adobechicks

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    Mar 3, 2012
    how did you know they had loose air sacks????
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    Jun 5, 2009
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    If it were me, I'd just let them continue to 'cook'. The less you mess with them, the better....IMO.
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    I candled them when they first arrived to check them to be sure none were scrambled and that their air sacs were in tact. I like to check before I set. Half were fine, the other half were detached. Since I've set them, I haven't touched them, so I don't know what they look like now, but I'm guessing their sacs are still loose.

    Thanks, I'm definitely going to leave them in there and try not to mess with them. Have you had any eggs with detached air sacs go ahead and develop and hatch?? I would sure love to know if anyone has had good results with them. [​IMG]
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    I can tell you that I had an entire batch arrive with almost all floating, detached air cells. I paid no attention to that, only noted it on each egg as I candled to check for any cracks before setting. Almost every single one of those hatched so there's plenty of hope!
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    it would be best to make those stay in upright position throughout incubation..it lets the air cell settle , if they are not too bad . during lockdown mot people hatch them in cut down paper egg cartons still in upright position..there are several articles in here about hatching shipped eggs..i had some from az that had been frozen left by po on mailbox in sub zero temps thou the box said please hold and call..air cells were pretty much bubbles and 4 out of 6 hatched...let the embryo get off to a good start by resting on counter in a warm spot befor you put in incubator.
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    That is GREAT!! Whew... okay, that is what I had hoped to hear, but you never know! I've never dealt with shipped eggs. That is all new to me.

    They are in my incubator with the air cell up-- my Brinsea just rocks them back and forth, so they should stay mainly upright, still even at that. They've been in the incubator for 4 days already, and I was just wondering what I should expect from them. I am really hoping they do okay despite their rough travels. That is amazing that you still had them hatch even with the air cells being shook to bubbles. Wow. Okay, I will remain very hopeful for them, then!! :)

    Everyone, THANK YOU!!!!!
  9. speckledhen

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    I want to add that mine were in a regular auto turner in a Hovabator, that I did candle them two or three times during incubation. Only a couple did not develop, the rest hatched fine, even ones that were noted as having detached air cells when they arrived-and they definitely had them floating all over the egg. They seem to stabilize fine if you don't handle them too much, like some folks tend to candle way too much, you know?
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    Good to know!! I've been very tempted to candle them and see if the air sacs look any better, but have been keeping away from handling them. I might candle them in a couple more days and see if anything is developing in them. That's good to hear that you were still able to candle them a couple of times and they were fine. They are now Day 5. I don't think I'll touch them until day 9 or 10 and see if they are okay.

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