Loose droppings/diarrhea???

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    One of my RIR's has very loose reddish-brown droppings. Yesterday while free ranging in my back yard her dropping was clear and watery with a few grains in it. She isn't acting sick. She isn't egg-bound that I can tell. I can't find lice or mites on any of them. I haven't changed their diet of layer feed, sometimes cooked oatmeal with raisins on cold mornings, sometimes peas & a little corn mixed (unthawed and warmed up with warm water). They eat the occasional mealworms and crickets. Should I be worried?
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    It sounds like normal droppings. Sometimes if they drink a large amount of water, their stool will be really runny and watery for a little while.

    If you see any blood in the stool, treat her for cocci.
  3. Donna Lynn

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    Thank you! I'm keeping an eye on her, my other two seem fine. But I want to make sure I take care of any problems before they get big!

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