Loose green poop chicken seems well. Advice please!


Aug 20, 2018
One of my hens has been having green poop the last 2 days (see photo). None seem sick. It has been warm but nit super hot out and cool at night. They free range some days but not every day. One has been broody for most of the summer off and on and I just got her out of the coop the last couple days. I am wondering if it could be from her not eating much due to being broody? Or something more serious?
Thanks for any advice!
Could be from the broody.

Can you take her aside each day and offer her some food, egg and water to see if the poop goes back to normal.
She seems to be broken of it for now. I have never had such a broody hen though! I will keep an eye because I'm not certain if it is her.

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