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    Apr 18, 2012
    Just getting into raising chicks. Bought 4 on Friday andanother 2 on Monday.
    One chick on Monday had pasty but, cleaned her off and kept an eye on her.
    Noticed that she seem to be a bit wobbly.
    All the other chicks where great, very active and running aorund.
    Get up this monring and problme chick is laying on its side breathing a bit hard and chirping at the top of her lungs and one of my Friday chicks is ver lathargic and hardly breathing.
    All the other chicks where huddled over inthe corner peeping and scrathcing away at the bedding
    I moved the two chicks into a smaller box with bedding inside the brooder.
    The problme chick is still chirping loud but sprawled out in the box and will occassionally try to move.
    The other one has not moved at all and looks to have passed.
    Thier brooder is a large dog kennel with cardboard sides 3/4 of the way up to keep the heat in.
    I have shavings from the feed store onthe bottom. they are the original shavings however i pull out any poopy stuff and add a little new.
    the chicks have been fine until now, eating, drinking running around and scratching about.
    What could be the issue?

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