Loosing feathers


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11 Years
Nov 1, 2008
About half my girls managed to survive a preditor attack early this summer. They lost some feathers on their back and butt, and it took a few days to a week for them to relax and get back to a more normal behavior. The days were getting rather hot and they were approaching 1 yr old so I didn't think much of some of them not growing all their feathers back, after all they now had built in AC. Now that the weather is turning cool they are starting to produce replacement pin feathers. Great.

One problem, they seem to be loosing some of their old feathers especially around the wing tips. They are 12.5 months old now. I have looked for mites in the coop and haven't found anything. Any suggestions??? Is this normal???
Right now my chicken yard looks like it is carpeted with feathers. It's time for molting. Chances are that is what is happening with yours. The bird will get a very dull look to them and then you will notice tails and wing feathers missing plus an awful lot of feathers around the coop. Slowly they will grow in beautiful new feathers, just in time to be protected for winter.

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