Los Angeles area: Rhode Island Red free to loving family (pic!)


14 Years
May 28, 2008
Altadena, CA
We own a wonderful Rhode Island Red and are in an awful quandary. Ginger is a gorgeous hen, 1.5 years old. We’ve tried for the past 2 months to integrate our 3 month old babies but she keeps trying to attack the little ones and it's wreaking havoc. We’ve come to a terribly painful decision that we need to get rid of her. It absolutely breaks my heart to do this. I am looking for a loving, chicken-oriented home that might want to take her in. She is a daily golden-brown egg-layer and has a very funny disposition (other than with the 2 little chick-invaders!). She talks constantly. I feel that in another home she will no longer be such an “alpha chicken”, just a normal member of the flock once she's integrated. When we sent her to a neighbors house who had a large flock (chicken "boot camp"), she fit in just fine after 2 days.

I will only give her to someone who would treat her as a pet or part of an egg-laying backyard flock. I will not give her to anyone who is interested in meat-birds.

I am in the Los Angeles area. Would prefer local but will travel some distance to place her in the right home. Will send more pix if interested. Thanks.
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