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    For my coop how enclosed do I need to make it if I live in the Los Angeles Area. Obviously it doesn't get too cold. I have a structure I'm thinking about using that has a top to it and has 3 posts on each side. Should I enclose the whole thing or could I get away with having it partially exposed to the elements (chicken wired for protection of course)

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    Good ventilation is important for any climate......especially if it's a hot climate.
    Chicken wire is not predator proof...go with hardware cloth and an apron.
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    Aart is a great source for information on this for sure, definitely check out the ventilation article he links to. I live a little bit north of you now, central coast, rural SLO county area, but I used to live just south of you in Orange County. Very similar weather depending on how close to the ocean you are. That being said, the coop I built was 3 sided with the 4th side completely open, but covered with hardware cloth. I believe it was 1/4 or 1/2 inch to prevent any curious raccoon hands from making their way through it. I think as long as you have the opening protected from the rain you should be ok in that climate. Wind could possibly be an issue too so take into consideration which way the open side will face. Post some pics when you get things going! Good luck.

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