Los Angeles - young Plymouth Rock Rooster needs home - urgent

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    this young, healthy friendly Plymouth Rock rooster was dumped near horse stables, where we go for walks.
    They have a bunch of feral chickens there, who were born there and are pretty Coyote savy, but even those guys numbers
    are dwindling. All those feral chickens are brown Bantam types.

    Valentino l - as I named him looks like a plymouth Rock and immediately stood out. He is clueless of the dangers and doesn’t belong there. He is a beautiful rooster and has a sweet disposition. None of the feral chickens come this close.
    I can’t take him in, cause of neighbor problems and I can’t properly protect him from Coyotes either.
    I learned this the hard way.

    If a place could be found for him, I would drive him happily within a 3 hour radius anywhere.

    Where he is now, it is just a question of time when Coyotes will catch him. Which I find really upsetting.

    Thank you for any help in saving him.

    Feel free to email me in regards to this: [email protected]
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    Which area of LA are you located in?

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