Lose runney Poop


8 Years
Jul 26, 2011
my chicken have brown runney poop. I have been feeding them Veg. from garden. Their backside is all messey. looks bad. what should I do to change this.
Try holding back on too much veggies. Feed them their normal chicken feed. It could also be a case of worm infestation. You could get some wormer from the feed store or your local vet. If their poo has some blood in it, it could be a case of coccidiosis.
Some vegetables are high in fiber. You might try cutting down for a while. I had to cut down the vegetables and give them more grains and legumes for snacks.
I second Chickathon's concern.

Worms are something to consider with runny poos that AREN'T caecal poos (which are the normal runny poos that occur several times a day).

It is possible to find a vet to do a fecal test for worms so that you aren't throwing away eggs needlessly for weeks (from the worming meds).
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MomtoSyd&Emma :

our hens have no worms, lay daily and still have loose stool.....I think its all the dirt they seem to eat here ????

If their feet touch the ground, they'll get worms eventually.​

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