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Mar 18, 2018
Hi,. My 2 ginger nuts are losing their breast feathers, I've checked for lice and can't see anything, they are not broody. They are eating laying and on my novice inspection totally health (I've been keeping a close eye as we lost a Pepperpot last week, reason unknown).

I've taken some photos the skin looks smooth only one small area is red. Note my other pepperpot isn't losing her feathers she is fine, currently. Not sure when this started as I've not seen lots of feathers only the odd one or two when cleaning their Omlet coop. I'm treating the greenhouse and their coop for mites and plan to get them a spot on.

They live in regular chicken feed, kitchen veg scraps, they have a whole garden to forage, oyster shells, corn. In their water I put apple cider vinegar (for polutry). Right photos ... IMG_20180318_160352.jpg IMG_20180318_163641.jpg

Any thoughts would help. Both gingernuts are like this (well this one is the worst of the two)

Boonie Stomper

Jan 1, 2018
DC, MD, VA region
do put some protective coating on the red area ...blue or black to hide the red on the bare cropped hen to deter other's pecking it.

Also, try upping the protein in case deficiency is leading them to eat feathers. Chickens love meat scraps as well as veg.

Did you look at night during roost for nocturnally active mites?

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