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    My Chicken is having her first molt and has lost about 1/3 of her feathers. Is it the molt? Is it the other chickens? Is it a health problem? Chicken is acting normal otherwise. I did notice a bit of picking by the chicken on the roost next to her. The top of her legs are bare. I can see the skin down the middle of her back. I sure did not notice this a few days ago. Her demeanor has been good so I don't know I looked closely at her a few weeks later. Can it happen fast or are my observation skills bad? I'll try to get pics to post in a couple of days. The pics that I found here already have been very helpful.
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    Yes, she sure is! Molting is the term for 'feather loss' .. when I first discovered my girls going into molt I thought they were all going to die from some strange disease!! [​IMG]

    Molting is somewhat stressful on them as they shed old feathers and re-grow new ones. I would recommend boosting their protein intake right now to help that process. I give my girls hard-boiled eggs crumbled up really good, shell and all, they go crazy for them! You can do this about twice a week. Black sunflower seeds are also good, too. Best of luck!
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    Thanks so much for the reply and extra info!
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    Molting chickens are shocking to see. As long as you see pinfeathers coming in, everything is okay. Now if you see blood or scabs you have to take action.

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