losing her feathers!!

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    Dec 16, 2009
    hello i've just joined this forum so please be gentle, i have two hens, one off them has lost all of her tail feathers, it doesnt look good i think that she or the other hen has pulled them out, some of the feathers still have a stump left, and some have been pulled/fell right out, there is no blood, and she has lost some feathers from around her neck. the other hen has become quite aggressive pecking me when i go near, she has not been like this before, this is whats making me think that its her thats pulled out the others feathers. will they grow back? sahll i seperate them? please help!!!!
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    How old are they? It sounds like molting where they lose their feathers and then grow new ones. Search it in the index. Some people have pictures of it so you can compare. It looks worse than it is. And yes, they are sometimes aggressive ( in a bad mood) when this happens. Also they can stop laying eggs during this stressful time. I hope this helps, and welcome to BYC.
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