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Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by the simple life, Oct 26, 2009.

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    I got a shipment of meat birds a few days ago and some of them are dying.
    It started the first day so I assumed it was stress, as soon as I got home from picking them up I was putting them in the brooder when I knew some of them would not make it.
    They were just laying around in the box while the others were going crazy, I put them in the brooder and hoped for the best.
    Later on I lost 4 of them.
    The next day I lost a couple of more and I have no idea why.
    I got through one day without a loss and thought it was better and then woke up to two more dead this morning.
    I have brooded hundreds of chicks and never had this happen.
    They have a light on and good ventilation so they don't get cold or overheated and their food and water never runs out.
    I will see all of the chicks happily drinking and eating and then at some point one or two will go off to a corner and lay there until they die.
    The brooder is big enough so no one is getting trampled.
    I have watched these very same birds eat and drink so I have no idea what is going on.
    Do you think its a bad batch?
    I had the feed store order them for me and he said he does business with them all the time.
    I have not contacted the hatchery yet because I want to see if anyone has any thoughts on this first.
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    Jul 11, 2009
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    I got 26 last week from Meyer Hatchery - and they seemed really robust when they arrived only 2 days after hatch. I dip each one's beak into sugar water as they go from the shipping box to the brooder. They have medicated feed in a 2 hoppers but for the first 3 days I sprinkle it on the floor as well. Still I lost 2 the first week - seemed fine but then started sleeping, next day dead! I've had egg layer chicks do the same on occasion (and its usually the one's you order the least of and can't afford to lose!). One of my meat chicks developed wry neck on Friday so got him on polyvisol liquid vitamins and added Durvet Electrolyte and Vitamins to the waterer(per suggestion from a Forum member). I would get some Durvet right away - i think it makes a world of difference - that extra little hedge to good health. Know what you are going through! I have lost 2 out of 26 but after l0 days holding fast and all seem good so far on the Durvet. Good Luck!
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    Thanks, funny you mention it but I actually went out to my carriage house a little while ago where I keep the chicken supplies to see if I had any electrolytes left over but I am all out.
    I called my husband to get some on the way home from work. I ordered mine from meyer too and I have more coming from Welp at the end of this week so I am very concerned about what is happening here.
    Murray Mcmurray sells a broiler booster that is a sort of gel that you put on their food that looks like might be something to try.
    Welp has some sort of booster pack as well.
    The weird part is they will seem fine, I do the same thing by sprinkling the food on the floor to get them moving around and they are all over it and are active.
    I can look in on them and they are all fine and then go back a little later and one is laying seperate from everyone else looking miserable and then it dies.
    I have no idea what is going on, I have never had this happen before.

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