Losing Nemo.................... he's passed

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    Nemo is a Buff Brahma Rooster, the last remaining from my MM hatchery order when they had that problem with those chicks a few years ago.. after losing most of them at that time the survivors little by little have dwindled until it is now just him......
    I didn't expect Nemo to live this long, he was always in very poor health since chickhood, feet turned in and toes knuckled under. He had trouble keeping weight on despite all I tried ,stayed skin and bones, still he was a trooper. He was always sweet and kind, never mean to another chicken, always happy to see me and if a chicken could smile he'd be smiling. I would often have him take a turn for the worse to only have him pop out of it and start looking like the handsome rooster he should have been. But it was always a battle and he would always get the life sucked back out of him again, still he waddled on.... Nemo just loved his girlfriend Nema, they were inseparable. I would often catch them napping together and if Nemo fell over, which he often did and could not get up, Nema would stand by him until he could. I would often find poor Nemo, stuck sideways in a bathing hole unable to get out. Still he'd look up at me with that Brahma smile of his like 'What's up Mom". He was a very loving rooster and when Nema passed away he was heart broken for some time. He later rallied, put on weight and started looking like a beautiful rooster........ for awhile anyway. I noticed Nemo going down hill again, so I've been giving him extra food, colder water and such. Today hubby brought him to me saying he'd been laying on his side, unable to stand. I told him I think he won't be with us too much longer as once again he was skin and bones. Hubby doesn't want to admit it, Nemo is one of his favorites. Still Nemo looked at me with bright eyes but I can tell he is losing this fight. I made him his bed is some nice fresh hay, propped him up with his food, vitamins and cool water, gave him a scratch and told him good night my sweet boy. I don't think he will be with us too much longer, and if he looks at me sooner and tells me he's done fighting I will do what needs to be done, though it will break my heart.


    Younger times..............

    Nemo & Nema watching me put up temporary pens. Wish I could find more recent pics.....
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    He sounds like such a trooper! So sorry to hear he's down and out [​IMG] But it sounds as if he's had a wonderful life. He's absolutely stunning.
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    I understand....and I'm sure he does too. Sending you and him good thoughts....
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    Sounds like you have given him the best life he could have had. What ever you need to do I know it will be kind.

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    I'm so sorry! [​IMG] I know yu've given him the best life he could have had.
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    You just made me cry!! [​IMG] I'm so sorry about Nemo he lived the best live he could! [​IMG]

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    I am sure when he does decide that it is time, that Nema will be excited to see him.

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    It sounds like you gave Nemo as good a life as a rooster could have... cherish the time you have left with him, and then cherish the good memories. [​IMG]

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