Losing one week+ old chicks that seem fine- normal mortality?

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by Wimberleytexaschick, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Apr 25, 2011
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    I have 2 large brooder bins in my living room of chicks, both are 10-11 days old. One has 10 orpingtons, other has 19 brahma chicks, each came from different breeder. They were shipped to me. I started them on paper towels for a few days, moved them to new pine shavings. Temp. is correct- verified with thermometer. Have medicated chick starter. Clean water several times a day- gave the sav-a-chick right after shipping, went to normal water, started back on sav-a-chick this morning. No pasty butt, poop looks normal. They seem normal, active, growing, eating, drinking, then I suddenly find one dead. Lost one brahma at 6 days old, another brahma last night, an orpington this morning. I watch them very carefully and am getting concerned, or is this 'normal' loss? Thanks.
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    Wimberly...check your temp again. I lost one once...too hot. Make sure they aren't over crowded and have a shaded area to escape if too hot. The one that died for me was a Chanceleer and needed cooler temps.
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    I had done all the same stuff you have done with new chicks I added acv ( 1 tablespoon / gallon water ) to their water 1st day only had 2 with pasty butt so far no losses. Make sure you wash your hands before & after handling beebies & in between the 2 brooders. We had 1 loss with 1st batch none so far with 2nd batch. We have had light issues this time as we have had power outages lasting 2-3 days this time they have done well for week old chicks. For which I am grateful. But they are gonna be one tuff batch chicks not having as much warmth as they should have. We got power back today it was 82 in their brooder. Someone on here told me they do better with coolness than high heat so over 90 isn't so good.I was so protective withe 1st batch it had to be perfect it has not worked out that way with this batch but they still seem to be doing well to spite it all. Hang in there keep an eye on the poo & their behavior for any sick acting drooping wings standing alone not eating not drinking.

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