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    May 15, 2011
    Hello all,
    First off, awesome site. For the brief time I've used the site, it has been an tremendous reference.

    Now, onto the bad news.

    We have 6 chickens roughly 16-18 weeks old, none laying yet. 3 Buffs and 3 Barred Rocks. For the past 7 days, one of the buffs has shown the following symptoms:
    1. General lethargy. When once she was a prolific scratcher, she now just slowly follows the rest of the girls and frequently naps while standing up.
    2. Eye bubbles/mucous. Sometimes her left eye remains closed while she is awake, but it's never crusted over. Her feathers look crusty too from her rubbing her eyes when she is scratching/cleaning herself.
    3. She is one of the older birds, but she is by far the lightest. She seems to eat occasionally when I wet the feed or give them other treats. She loves onions, for example. Her crop never seems to be full.
    4. She sneezes with discharge and coughs frequently.

    None of the other birds have skipped a beat. I didn't isolate her, and it's probably too late at this point. She's been on Duramycin and some electrolyte/vitamin mix I picked up at the feed store. I'm also putting ACV in the water. She's shown no signs of improvement over the course of the 6 days on the tetracycline. The man I bought the birds from had them vaccinated for fowl pox.

    I'm at a loss of what to do next. I hate throwing in the towel, especially if there is something that can help her out. I'm tempted to take her to the vet, which I said I'd never take a chicken to the vet...

    Does anyone have experience or knowledge with birds showing these symptoms?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Try switching to a different antibiotic like Tylan and see if that helps, and definitely isolate her NOW! Some people swear by Duramycin though. Good luck!
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    If you mixed the duramycin with electrolyte/vitamin and AVC all in the water, it probably diminished the effectiveness of the duramycin. Treat her only with the duramycin and nothing else except her regular feed til the course of antibiotic is complete. Then, if it's not working...it's a viral issue and no amount of antibiotics will help. Keep her seperated as teddiliza stated.
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    May 15, 2011
    Thanks for the replies. It's just lots of the illnesses chickens have are characterized by very similar symptoms.

    So, should I switch to the Tylan now or continue the tetracycline without the electrolyte/vitamins and ACV? She is separated from the flock, but I'm thinking I should treat the rest as well? Or should I wait for symptoms to arise before I begin treating them?

    I'm wondering if it's coryza.

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    I have this in one of my flocks also [​IMG]. I have found that Tylan works very well and only needs a course of about three days for most. I tried to isolate but it made its way to every one of my separate flocks over a three month period [​IMG]. I didn't loose a single bird [​IMG]. I did treat a few birds with Tylan injections though, because they seemed to have a harder time shaking it off than most.
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