Loss of feathers, bleeding tail feathers, naked bums ... help!

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    My girls are all under a year old and I think they are molting - they have naked bums! Is this normal? Have been keeping a close eye on them and today noticed that one of my leghorn/barred rock crosses has tail feathers/pin feathers that are bleeding and now a couple of the girls are pecking at her. This is the first time it's happened - not sure what to do and how to stop the bleeding?

    They aren't over crowded, they have all been together since April '12 and this is the first time they've pecked at each other.

    It's frigid here - been in the teens and single digits for about a week - so the coldest it's ever been for them as well.

    Any ideas on ...
    *stopping the bleeding?

    *is it normal for them to have naked bums right now?

    *should I separate my girl who is bleeding?

    *should I add something to their food to help feathers grow back in?

    Thanks for any insight and help! First winter with my girls ...
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    Feather picking can be caused because of boredom or a low protein diet. Clean off the wounds, put some neosporin (non-pain relieving type) and dab some Blu-Kote on top of that to disguise the blood.

    If your birds are molting, have mites/lice or a predator is grabbing their fluff that could be the cause of their bare bums.

    You can mix round-shaped kitten food into their feed. It should only be 10% of their diet. Kitten food is high protein and will help make their feathers strong.
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