lost 1/4 of my brood. (10 eggs). ARUUUUUUGAH.

My black sex-link bantam Rosa decided to go broody this week. The only problem is that she laid her eggs in the same box that was already occupied my my mild-mannered broody Plymouth Rock, Zelda. One day I walked in and found that she kicked off another hen from her brood (which was much too large to be warmed by Rosa's tiny body) because she had laid enough eggs in the adjacent nest box containing Zelda. I replaced the original hen and kicked out Rosa. The next day I found Rosa sitting in the same box with Zelda (I should have just left her.) I decided that Rosa would be happy in a different box with the eggs she was already sitting on. BAD IDEA. She seemed to enjoy the new box, but I found her the next day sitting in the same box with Zelda again. I just left her there this time and candled the eggs that had been left out, only 3 survived. (I think!) I just want chicks, NOW. I didn't want Balut.
Sorry about your eggs.
i hope the ones that are left hatch for you.

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