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    Just to let everyone know on Thanksgiving Day I had 7 chicks hatch with 1 loss because it was the last one and had externally pipped a good size hole in the egg, the other chicks knocked it over on the side of the pipped area. I turned the egg over and noticed its back was on the external pip area and immediately opened the egg but it was to late. The chick had turned around to the unzipped area. It was a big chick, one of the biggest. Another egg had externally pipped and I saw its beak. I waited a long time and noticed it was quiet but still trying to peep but heard nothing and had not pipped any further so I assisted with the hatching of the chick. As soon as I removed the membrane it started to peep but was very weak so I immediately but it back in the incubator. It laid around over night except when the other chicks pecked at it, it would get up and lay back down immediately. The day after Thanksgiving I moved them to the brooder. I named the chick Miracle because this was the first assisted hatch I had done. Thanks for all the information on assisted hatching I read on this website, Here is a picture of Miracle. They are all Bantam White Bearded Silkies.


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    That is one seriously cute chick.

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