Lost 2 chickens yesterday......

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    I got home from work and noticed I was missing a red sex link hen. I have 2 and they are peas in a pod. Always together. The night before she had seemed "quiet".....and that morning she stayed in the coop after I opened the door, up on the roost. Not normal at all........usually she is the first one out. I had gone in to look at her and noticed her BFF the other red sex link was in the nestbox laying one of her first eggs, so I figured she was just in there keeping her company.

    Then I got home from work and she was missing. I walked all around the yard, checked in the coop, in the rooster pen, in the bushes, in the garage. Nowhere to be found. I was also missing my cochin/RIR cross hen who had a bum leg.......No feathers, no nothing. And all of the other chickens were fine and dandy and happy as can be.

    Where could these crazy girls be?

    I finally gave up and went to go back in the house............and what do I see? BOTH GIRLS "dust bathing" in the potting soil right up by the back steps. These are the steps leading into the yard.........so I walked right past the darn girls when I went out looking for them. They almost look like they are "hiding"........right up next to the lattice and quiet as can be.



    Not a darn thing wrong with either of them. The red sex link that seemed "quiet" just seems to be getting close to laying and "mellowing out". They were up by the kiddie pool this morning.

    Crazy birds...........

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    WHEW! You had me scared for a minute! HAPPY ENDINGS! YAY!
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    Had me scared too! So happy you found your girls. Similar thing happened to me, i let my girls out to free range and was time for them to get back in the run...i corraled them all in then went to counting and noticed one missing. This was odd for her to be missing because she is always with the others, a quiet and shy hen so she is easily looked over sometimes. I looked all over the 3 acres and under the stuff and checked all the hiding places... i checked three times and was really worried! Then all a sudden i turn and here she comes walking up to the run door as if she was there the whole time. The next day the same thing! But i heard her clucking this time, she was in a big pile of weeds and about to lay an egg! So after she came out i looked way in the pile of weeds and there was her egg but just one so im thinking the other egg must be around there somewhere!

    We think they do crazy things but to them its just living! [​IMG]
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    once "mine" start to lay I'm locking them in for a day or two so they get the idea that they lay in the nesting boxes. Mr. Roo can just camp his retarded butt outside under the bug zapper...

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