Lost 2 pullets this morning to stray dogs, I think.

Chickens in Elmwood

10 Years
Jul 6, 2009
Elmwood, WV
I still can't figure out how the dog(s) got the girls. Locked everyone in the coop last night after doing a head count. This morning, when I went to let them out at 8:00, two were missing. Found a big pile of feathers in the side yard and pretty much followed the trail to one dead chicken that looked pretty unharmed, except her neck was obviously broken. The dear husband saw another black lump a little further away. I did not look at it, but he said a lot of its feathers were gone, but he didn't see any signs were any parts of the chicken had been eaten.

We also found a pile of feathers belonging to our GLW, who was locked back in the coop with her tail all half-bald.
We checked over the GLW and she didn't have any wounds, just had her feathers yanked out. I am guessing this was the work of more than one dog.

I am so upset. I am confused, as I can't figure out how the girls got out and the GLW got back in. And now I am worried to death about what I will find in the morning because whatever it was that got the girls now know where to come to hunt.



10 Years
Apr 4, 2009
tell me.......I watched a new neighbor's pit bull literally pull my flying hen out of the sky and kill her....on my property............and we have leash laws.............my 6 dogs are fenced........what a mess.............
Sorry for your loss.........it stinks.

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