Lost a Baby Chick - please let me all know what you think it was

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by govega, May 11, 2009.

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    Nov 7, 2008
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    We had 10 eggs in the incubator, of the ten, seven were Americaunas and three from our RIR's.

    They all seemed to be developing good except for one. Just last week we detected movement in one of the brown eggs.

    On Saturday, two of the Americaunas hatched. We are waiting on the others, but without much hope.

    The first chick which came out, who seemed very strong at first, we noticed had a reddish discharge from the vent area. It seemed to be dragging it around. But otherwise seemed fine. Yesterday my husband insisted on trying to wash it off, but I protested. He did anyway. There was a large piece of shell. We don't know if the shell had punctured her or anything. But it seemed like her insides were coming out. I don't know if it were intestines or what. She peeped a lot after but seemed to calm down somewhat, but was disoriented and kept going into a corner. When we woke up she was dead. Our other chick is lonely but okay. When I get home I will see if anyone else hatched to keep her company. If not, we may just run to Agway and get a few more baby chicks so she is not alone.

    What do you think was wrong with her? Did something from her umblical cord pull her insides out?
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    If she was just hatched, it could have been related to improper incubation (since the hatch didn't go well, that would be my guess) or omphalitis (infected umbilical).
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    I don't know why your chickie died but wanted to tell you how sorry I am! It's so hard to lose one of these little babaies isn't it! [​IMG]

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