lost a chick, should I be concerned?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by southphoenixchick, Feb 7, 2012.

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    I'm really kicking myself over having bought from a store that gave me a bad feeling but I drove way out of my way because they had the breeds I wanted and no where close did. I've since learned they are at least as bad as I felt. One of the things I noticed was a lot of the chicks had poop stuck all over their butts and I've since learned that can be fatal. That aside I did it. I had three black sex link chicks already that were very healthy and then I brought home two welsummer chicks and two barred rocks from this store I didn't like. They were all clean at least, but one of the barred rocks I discovered after getting home had an injured foot. Nothing horrible just a skinned toe basically. I was worried about the rock because it kept climbing up onto the perch and just sitting their while that others pecked around, or it would come down and stand on one leg keeping the injured foot up. However I've now just lost one of the welsummer chicks and I'm concerned I brought something into my little flock from the "bad" store. She was hanging out a lot in the heat but I didn't think much about it because the welsummers were the youngest and I figured they might be a little cold. I found her trampled and flattened under the heat lamp. Now I'm jumping at every little thing. Like I checked on the chicks and it's night time and a lot of them are laying down near the light. I started worrying. They haven't been on medicated feed because the store that I got the black sexlinks from that is MUCH better suggested I not use medicated feed because they find it blocks their systems up more. Now I'm planning on getting some medicated feed tomorrow in hopes it might help prevent anymore loses.

    So here is my question. On roughly 1 week old chicks how do I know if they are acting healthy or not and if so what should I do? I've only had chicks once before and they were very healthy and I never lost one.
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    I've recently lost four sweet little chicks. It's hard. But truth be known, chicks die sometimes; some that don't die now, die later or are weak for the rest of their life...producing weak chicks which would most likely die.
    Perhaps the chick was overheated? Or maybe just too stressed to keep living? I don't know.
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    Healthy little chicks will spend their time eating, drinking, pooping, running around, sleeping and peeping. If you have one that is always sleeping, laying down or standing still by itself, it is probably not doing well. Sometimes the stress of being moved will take them a day to recover from. You can put sugar or save a chick in the water for a boost but I wouldn't keep them on it. Make sure the chick drinks by dipping her beak in the water. And check for pasty butt. If she's not eating, try making a mash from some food and water and see if she takes that.

    That's about all you can do. Chances are the chick died because it was weak already, as you said the store didn't give you a good feeling. They are rather young to have caught anything contagious yet. Unfortunately, there is a certain expected mortality rate among chicks. It's hard because they are so cute and easy to get attached to.

    Medicated feed helps chicks withstand coccidiosis better than without medicated feed (usually). It won't prevent death from weakness or other issues, and it won't cure cocci. It just helps you be able to cure/save them better if they do get it. I was adamant about not using medicated feed (I read it wasn't necessary in small flocks) until I dealt with cocci - three times my first chick season. Now I wouldn't go without it, and I won't put new chicks in with already healthy ones until I know they are healthy, too. Stress makes them more susceptible.

    Sorry for your loss and I hope the others do well.

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