Lost a day old Red Star, worried about the other one.

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    Apr 2, 2009
    Northern Utah
    I received my shipment of 4 chicks on Wed, Apr 1. Two easter eggers and two red stars. The easter eggers are very active eaters, drinkers and poopers. The red stars are eating, drinking and pooping too, but mostly sleeping. I'm checking them every hour or so during the day to take care of any pasting up (only the easter eggers needed a little wipe.) I've got them in a 75 degree room, the brooder box is always at 95 to 98 degrees. They're on paper towels over soft bedding, which have been changed out four times. They all have easy access to water. The chick starter food is sprinkled all over for easy access too.

    This morning one of my red stars was slowly panting (maybe gasping is a better word) with no noise and lying on her side. She took a drink when I helped her to the waterer, but mostly just listlessly lay in my hand. She was gone within 30 minutes.

    My remaining red star is still a "shrinking violet" compared to the other two. She'll drink, can stand up okay, but still likes to sleep. Should I be worried about her, or are red stars just a quieter breed than the easter eggers.
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    I'd separate her for a few days mostly because the red stars probably came from the same sorting bin. Now maybe the one that died was injured or dehydrated, but what if she wa exposed to disease? Minimize the Easter Eggers' exposure, just in case. Sorry you lost her, sounds like it was not your fault...

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