Lost a duck the other night


6 Years
Jul 26, 2016
Upper Peninsula, MI
2 days ago one of my ducks was found dead with the head gone. We thought a raccoon. I found where something had dug trying to get into the run that night too. We haven’t caught anything in the traps or on camera until last night. Located in MI, Upper Peninsula. (The time and date on the camera haven’t been set up, so ignore that!)
Ears look short for a fox.......

Is that a collar ring around the neck or do my eyes deceive me??

How high off the ground is that camera?

Is this the only pic of the critter?
I thought it may be a collar as well but I wasn't sure. I also thought it could be a coyote but its hard to tell with the quality of the pic
Our first reaction was domestic cat. The camera is only 6-12 inches or so off the ground. It’s the only picture I’ve gotten in 3 nights and it was right next to the camera there. I am going to move the camera up and out to try and get a better ID, but this murder machine doesn’t come every day

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